Robots.txt and World Wide Web

Today was good.

I pushed the limits of my intellectual capacity trying to understand and work on the robots.txt file.

It was a good exercise that I cherished.

Also, I was active on Twitter to try and catch up with all the latest happenings in the world of SEO.

Seems like I’ve got a ton of source materials to study and create my own notes. is coming soon. I can promise that.

Plus, the World Wide Web got 30 years old today. It is just 5 years elder to me.

Tim Berners-Lee, thank you for the WWW. Although I don’t understand almost anything of it, I am getting better at learning and will understand more and more of it in the times to come.

Right now, I have a few social media tasks left before reading a book and hitting the sack.

Until tomorrow, see you all.

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