Scattered Attention and Me

Today was a constant battle between scattered attention and deep work.

No one trait gained the upper hand.

I am pretty happy with the way I handled things.

Early in the morning, after waking up a little earlier, I gave in to emotions which led me astray to get instant gratification.

I created WMF quotes since I didn’t have anything ready in hand.

However, after reading books and observing, I’ve come to realize that I mustn’t give in to instant cravings.

It’s wise to consider second and third-order consequences, not the first-order alone.

I will be careful in my selection from now on.

I’ve created a daily schedule sheet which I will use to rank my personal performance throughout.

It’s good to be here at the end of the day talking about how the day went.

I am just one of the 7.7 billion people in the world – which puts into perspective my insignificance.

Yet, I am driven to learn more, do more, and put my footprints in the sands of time so that a traveler – who from decades now when lost and needs a path, will see my prints and take heart.

It’s good to learn and it’s good to be alive.

Thankful for today and thankful for the wonderful people in my life.

Until another rant, see you all.

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